The "Original Function"™ (iceshade) wrote,
The "Original Function"™

I'm a bit more rational now

 So after last week's post of epic rage and word vomit, I stepped back from lj/dw and Torchwood for a bit and took some calming breaths. Then I had my chem final (which went awesomely, btw), and my mom decided to take this week off as well, so free time's been a bit scarce.
I've finally watched episode 4 and the rest of 5, and I'm slowly working my way through answering everyone. It's hard going not just because it's difficult to think about, but because I want to put more thought in them than just "I am messed up but this is more messed up, RTD you fail and this is why" and also bring something new. But just in case, I want you all of you who commented to know how much I value that you took the time to read my wall of text and respond thoughtfully. <3

In other news, not only have I finally passed Chem II but I got a B. [pelvicthrust.gif] This is extra good and I am treating it as a B+ because I transferred my lab grade over from the spring semester (which was a C and becomes 25% of the final grade) as there was no way I was taking lab for a third time and giving up any hope of having free time. (1st: spring '10 - withdrew, depression, 2nd: spring '11 - didn't put effort in, 3rd: just now, summer '11) So I spoke to the professor about it, and he said that it was up to me if I wanted to take it again as he was totally willing to use my lab grade from the spring (same professor), the only downside was that it would be almost impossible for me to get anything higher than a final grade of an A-/ B+ with a lab grade like that unless I absolutely aced everything. And considering I know I didn't ace everything (I half-assed the two essays, for one), the fact that I still got a B pleases me very much.

And yesterday I saw Captain America with Jon and another old friend of mine. It was awesome and I shrieked my head off during the post-credits scene (even if I have seen it before).

Pottermore email, Y U NO COME YET? D:<
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