February 4th, 2010

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some janto drabbles

I hate 8am classes (yes, I'm in class as I post. but I already knew I was going to special hell)

Wrote a set of Torchwood drabbles last night instead of my schoolwork. Okay, so only one is exactly 100 words... ficlets, maybe? I realized I didn’t get enough Ianto-snark in, so I might do more over the weekend (no promises). They are unbeta-ed and unbrit-picked, so feel free to point stuff out that I may have missed. Only the last three are connected to each other. Enjoy :)

pairing/characters: Jack/Ianto
rating: PG
word count: 100. exactly.
summary: Jack doesn’t sleep; Ianto cuddles while he does; Jack kinda likes it.
warnings: none
For frakkin_addict

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pairing/characters: Ianto, Rhiannon, implied Jack/Ianto
rating: PG
word count: 265
summary: Rhiannon Davies (née Jones) is protective of her baby brother… much to his chagrin.
warnings: references that conversation in CoE, otherwise, nothing else in s3 happened.
For ontinia bow before your lord and master! XD she knows why. <3

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pairing/characters: Jack/Ianto implied, mentions of Tosh
rating: PG
word count: 197
summary: Ianto lights incense; Jack rambles
warnings: character death implied. Set some point post “Exit Wounds”
For anyjen

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At this point I noticed that all of them ended in “—er”, so I kept going with that trend. Lots of kissing in these last three.


pairing/characters: Jack/Ianto, vague mentions of Owen and Gwen
rating: PG
word count: 211
summary: Jack give Ianto a little TLC after a minor mishap on a mission
warnings: here’s where the lack of Brit-picking may show, so please feel free to correct any glaring errors.
for everlongsplace

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pairing/characters: Jack/Ianto
rating: PG-13
word count: 142
summary: someone’s having a birthday…
warnings: none. domestic, CoE denial-fic like whoa

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pairing/characters: Jack/Ianto, mentions of Gwen+family
rating: PG
word count: 229
summary: follows immediately after ‘Taller’, slightly higher up the angst-meter
warnings: same as for ‘Taller’

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pairing/characters: Jack/Ianto, cameos by Gwen, Martha, Tom and Rhys
rating: PG-13
word count: 338
summary: follows ‘Older’, later that day. this one sort of got away from me… warnings: same as for ‘Taller’ and ‘Older’

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‘Sweeter’ was actually a last minute addition I made because I didn’t want to end on the slightly more angsty note that ‘Older’ did, and was actually the hardest one to write. Think of it as an early half-birthday gift to Ianto. Actually, since I know that teachwriteslash 's birthday is this weekend, consider these last three an early birthday gift for yourself, Teach, and thank you for all the wonderful fic you’ve given us Torchwood fans <3

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