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some janto drabbles

I hate 8am classes (yes, I'm in class as I post. but I already knew I was going to special hell)

Wrote a set of Torchwood drabbles last night instead of my schoolwork. Okay, so only one is exactly 100 words... ficlets, maybe? I realized I didn’t get enough Ianto-snark in, so I might do more over the weekend (no promises). They are unbeta-ed and unbrit-picked, so feel free to point stuff out that I may have missed. Only the last three are connected to each other. Enjoy :)

pairing/characters: Jack/Ianto
rating: PG
word count: 100. exactly.
summary: Jack doesn’t sleep; Ianto cuddles while he does; Jack kinda likes it.
warnings: none
For frakkin_addict

Sometimes Jack wished he could sleep longer, if only because he would have liked a real break from all the thoughts and memories swirling around his head. He looked down at the man he was curled up against him, and allowed a smile to cross his features. Ianto didn’t like to admit that he cuddled Jack in his sleep, and Jack knew not to press the issue. The younger man let out a snuffling noise as he tried to burrow even further into Jack’s embrace, and Jack realized that maybe he should cherish the memories he was making right now.

pairing/characters: Ianto, Rhiannon, implied Jack/Ianto
rating: PG
word count: 265
summary: Rhiannon Davies (née Jones) is protective of her baby brother… much to his chagrin.
warnings: references that conversation in CoE, otherwise, nothing else in s3 happened.
For ontinia bow before your lord and master! XD she knows why. <3

“He treats you right, yeah?”


“Don’t. Mam would have had my head if I didn’t look out for you, and you promised we’d talk about this. I want to make sure he’s a good man for you,” Rhiannon said bluntly.

Ianto groaned and rested his head in his hands, “Rhi I really don’t want to talk about this.”

“We’re not inside, Mica and David can’t overhear us, Johnny’s watching them so he can’t bother us either. Now will you please talk to me?”

“It’s… complicated,” Ianto offered hesitantly.

“For god sakes Ianto! I figured that out for myself, thanks,” Rhiannon cried, “I was hoping you could tell me something new!”

“I don’t know what you—” Ianto’s reply was cut off as his mobile rang. He spoke into it quietly for a few minutes, obviously bargaining with Jack, before turning back to Rhiannon. “That was Jack. They need me back at work, there’s been an incident…” he trailed off apologetically, hoping his sister would understand.

“Go,” she said, “but you owe me lunch for this.”

“Thanks Rhi,” Ianto replied gratefully, giving her a quick hug before hurrying off to his car.

“And I want to meet him!” she called after him.

Rhiannon wasn’t bothered anymore though. She had seen the way Ianto had lit up when he had seen the name on the caller ID and the soft smile that had played across his face as he spoke on the phone, and she knew she had her answer. He might not realize it yet, but Captain Jack Harkness was good for her baby brother.

pairing/characters: Jack/Ianto implied, mentions of Tosh
rating: PG
word count: 197
summary: Ianto lights incense; Jack rambles
warnings: character death implied. Set some point post “Exit Wounds”
For anyjen

“You’re lighting incense,” Jack commented

“Obviously.” Ianto replied.

“Never took you as the type to light incense,” Jack continued on, sitting down on the ground next to him.

“I’m not.”

“Well clearly you do, because—”

“Jack…” Ianto sighed.

“—You’ve just lit some right now—”


“—Though I always thought that was more Tosh’s thing—”

“Jack! Shut up.” Ianto interjected, finally managing to make Jack listen, “look where we are.”

At that, Jack finally realized where he was and was silent, looking instead at his hands, which were curled in his lab. He started when Ianto reached over and took one of Jack hands in his own.

“I light incense for Tosh’s family in her honor,” Ianto began, his voice getting thicker, “because she can’t anymore. I also lit a some for her; it’s over there.” He pointed, and Jack smiled feebly at the single stick of incense sitting apart from the rest. “I just didn’t want to out it at the grave when we know she’s not really buried there, so I put it by her grandfather’s instead.”

Jack leaned over and pressed a kiss to Ianto’s temple. “We won’t forget them,” he murmured.

“I know.”

At this point I noticed that all of them ended in “—er”, so I kept going with that trend. Lots of kissing in these last three.


pairing/characters: Jack/Ianto, vague mentions of Owen and Gwen
rating: PG
word count: 211
summary: Jack give Ianto a little TLC after a minor mishap on a mission
warnings: here’s where the lack of Brit-picking may show, so please feel free to correct any glaring errors.
for everlongsplace

Ianto winced as Jack finished wrapping his hand.

“Sorry,” Jack murmured, placing a gentle kiss on the bandages, “I’m done now. Owen could do better, I know, but I wanted to…”

“Could be worse,” Ianto said with a shrug, “my hand, I mean. Not your workmanship. And I don’t think there’s anything worse than Owen’s bedside manner. On the plus side, it’s an excuse for us to hold hands.”

Jack grinned, but it didn’t reach his eyes. “One of these days, Gwen will listen to me, and we won’t have to use you being injured as an excuse to show affection,” he looked back down, “Owen also told me to make sure you take your sleeping pills tonight, because of the similarities to your hand injuries from—you know…”

“Did he also tell you that I shouldn’t be left alone either? In case the pills don’t work?” Ianto said softly, his uninjured hand coming up to cup Jack’s cheek, “I always sleep better when there’s someone in the bed beside me.”

The fact that Jack didn’t jump at that sentence as a chance to throw some innuendo into the conversation showed Ianto just how upset he was. He sighed and leaned his forehead against Jack’s; “come on Jack, let’s go home.”

pairing/characters: Jack/Ianto
rating: PG-13
word count: 142
summary: someone’s having a birthday…
warnings: none. domestic, CoE denial-fic like whoa

Jack pressed a last kiss to Ianto’s lips before releasing him and pinching one of his ass-cheeks. “And a pinch to grow an inch!” he said with glee as he ducked away from Ianto’s swat, trying to contain his laughter at man’s reaction.

“Jack really, I’m barely shorter than you are, and I think I’m done growing by now,” Ianto said with a sigh, “must you do that every year?”

“Yes.” Jack replied, the smile still on his face, “and I’m going to continue to do it every year together, if only for another excuse to touch that gorgeous ass of yours.”

“Like you need any excuse to do that,” Ianto retorted.

Jack stepped forward to meet Ianto, wrapping his arms around the other man’s waist, his eyes sparkling, “I don’t, do I?” he mused, placing yet another kiss on Ianto’s lips.


pairing/characters: Jack/Ianto, mentions of Gwen+family
rating: PG
word count: 229
summary: follows immediately after ‘Taller’, slightly higher up the angst-meter
warnings: same as for ‘Taller’

Ianto smiled as Jack continued to kiss him some more, (now moving to the side of his face and neck) and brought his own hands up to wrap around Jack’s shoulders, relishing in the moment.

“I never thought I’d make it to 30,” he murmured finally, and Jack stilled in his arms.

“Never thought Gwen would have a kid, let alone a second on the way,” Jack replied after an awkward moment of silence, “and yet her current size proves me wrong.”

“Don’t let her hear you say that,” Ianto joked, trying to dispel the tension that had popped up in the atmosphere. He knew that his age was a touchy subject for Jack at the best of times—a reminder that he was getting older while Jack wasn’t—but Jack was usually happy on his birthday, as it meant that Ianto had survived another year at Torchwood.

“Oh I learned my lesson last time, don’t worry,” Jack said cheerfully, and the tension dissipated somewhat.

“Come on,” Ianto continued, extracting himself from Jack’s embrace with a kiss, “I know the girls have planned a surprise party, and I’d rather not turn the tables on them and surprise them by not showing up.”

Jack grinned, and this time it reached his eyes; “shall we, Mr. Jones?” he asked, offering his elbow gallantly as he grabbed his greatcoat.

“With pleasure, Sir.”

pairing/characters: Jack/Ianto, cameos by Gwen, Martha, Tom and Rhys
rating: PG-13
word count: 338
summary: follows ‘Older’, later that day. this one sort of got away from me… warnings: same as for ‘Taller’ and ‘Older’

“Now, blow out the candles and make a wish,” Gwen insisted, her hands on her round belly as Martha set a small cake in front of Ianto.

“There aren’t enough candles,” Jack commented, noting that there weren’t actually 30 candles on the cakes as Ianto rolled his eyes.

“I’m sure they didn’t want to burn the place down,” Ianto retorted before closing his eyes and blowing the candles out.

Gwen reached over and Jack thought she was going to cut a slice of cake for Ianto, but instead she dragged her finger down the side of the cake and wiped the frosting on the tip of his nose, laughing as he started with shock. “It’s tradition,” she said through her giggles.

“What tradition?” Ianto grumbled as he looked at his nose, going cross-eyed in the process. He grabbed a napkin and went to wipe the frosting off when Jack reached out and grabbed his wrist. That was the only warning he got before Jack leaned closer to him and licked the stuff off his face.

“Mmm, good choice Rhys,” Jack remarked, licking his lips as he pulled back, turning in time to see Rhys’ nod of acknowledgement. That also meant, however, that he didn’t see Ianto repeat the Gwen’s motions, and was completely surprised when Ianto swiped frosting across his mouth.

“We did it wrong,” Ianto commented before Jack could say anything; grabbing the older man by his shirt collar, pulling him into a searing kiss, and sticking his tongue down Jack’s throat.

“Bloody hell…” Gwen said eventually, fanning herself as the four of them, with shocked expressions on their faces, watched Jack and Ianto go at it; “even after all these years of seeing it, that never gets old.”

“Yeah,” Martha agreed, “but would you really ever want it to?”

“Happy Birthday,” Jack repeated as the two of them finally pulled apart for air, Rhys and Tom’s protestations in the background.

“And many more?” Ianto asked, leaving his arms around Jack’s neck.

“And many more,” Jack confirmed.

‘Sweeter’ was actually a last minute addition I made because I didn’t want to end on the slightly more angsty note that ‘Older’ did, and was actually the hardest one to write. Think of it as an early half-birthday gift to Ianto. Actually, since I know that teachwriteslash 's birthday is this weekend, consider these last three an early birthday gift for yourself, Teach, and thank you for all the wonderful fic you’ve given us Torchwood fans <3

xposted everywhere.
Tags: -er drabbles, drabble, i want ianto's babies, jack harkness: intergalactic flirt, janto, rating: pg, rating: pg-13, torchwood

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