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Nude Descending Staircase (to Hell) ♫


The "Original Function"™
there are some jutsus ninja can't steal; for everything else, there's sharingan. :)

I'm a college student, I'm Jewish and Zionistic (ETA: and have a zero-tolerance policy regarding those views. As in, if you say something anti-Israel or antisemitic on your blog or anywhere you're off my flist, because hey, it's a big part of my life. Note: anti-religion is different from anti-semitic, and yes, I go by my own definition of anti-Israel) your opinions will not change mine, and there is a list of my fave pairings on the sidebar of my journal. Sailor Moon was my first love, but currently I'm mostly active in the Prince of Tennis Torchwood fandom. <3 I DO NOT WRITE DEATHFICS ...that's something I've always said, but has actually become surprisingly relevant considering I like Torchwood. Le sigh. As of April 2010 I am going over my profile once again as I haven't really changed it since I created this account save for adding colorbars. and am trying to make it less like a fangirl threw up all over it.


Daniel Faraday (t3h sexx) mood theme by onsilverscreens

I have always sided with the Rabbit, and think he should just be given the damn Trix already

on insanejournal I also go by iceshade, (but that's only a "just in case" journal)
on ff.net and devianart I go by demon m-chan
on aff.net I go by m-chan
for NaNoWriMo my name is thing 1 and 1/2 (don't ask)
on youtube I am yinyangmoon
and on veoh I am anyxia
(I went though a phase where I wasn't sure what name I wanted to use on the internet because I realized "demon m-chan" was a bit juvenile. For now I've stuck with iceshade)

The Little Mermaid is love

Tezuka x Fuji is close-proximity animated love.

Shishido and Ohtori are 'We only try to Kill each other because we Care' sexy Silver Pair Love :b

Megumi Ogata is Awesome Seiyuu Love

Joe/Francoise is canonical love.

Tenipuri is not even about tennis anymore OMG! Boy Band Love!!

dorks live forever
once a cast of dorks, always a cast of dorks!

Ice cream is Love
Made by lavender_tea

Yugioh is DDR Love

Yugioh is "Aw hell, my shit is broken" Love

Hikaru x Kaoru are canon love.

Meganes are Power Rangers love!

If you friend me, the probability of me friending you back is about 95%, unless you are a lurker, I know and hate you irl, or you have pissed me off in the past and are just looking for a bigger friend list. I like to know what you people are doing, so if you have a totally blank journal, i.e. you are a lurker, let me know why you friended me please... ^^
(btw, "i think you're insane and want to keep track of your progress b/c it's funny", totally works as a reason)

Save tonight,
fight the break of dawn.
Come tomorrow,
Tomorrow I'll be gone.

--"Save Tonight" by Eagle-eye Cherry


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